Tell Us Your Story

Why is the Peace River Valley important to you?  What do you value?

Tell us your story…


4 Responses

  1. I remember camping overnight with my family near Raspberry Island. We’d take the riverboat from the Halfway River and enjoy watching the birds and the occasional bear swimming in the water among the banks. The Peace is a pretty special place – it’s really beautiful. It’s what makes the north the North.

  2. A Treasured Memory

    T’was a lovely August afternoon and we’d just shoved off from the banks of the Peace at Hudson’s Hope. Lucas suddenly shouted “A beaver, a beaver, no two, three, four little beavers”.

    Carl, the father, laughed “those are no beaver, they are baby otters” . Our two canoes were right beside these little critters.

    What a sight! One otter vanished for a few seconds and resurfaced flashing a struggling rainbow in his mouth. But, the food chain was not complete. A shadow crossed and in looking up there was a bald eagle circling about 10 meters overhead. His greedy eyes were on the rainbow and the otter. But, four splashing canoe paddles deterred this ambitious action.

    The night was spent at the gates which boasts the most manicured campsite in the country. Where else do you find neatly stacked firewood, raked soil and meticulous neatness – all with the peaceful view over the most peaceful river?

    The next morning our canoes continued with two young fellows enjoying every moment of this wildlife panorama. In about a thirty minute, slow paddling, period of time we witnessed another bald eagle circling the fawn of a whitetail deer, but again the eagle was deterred by an alert mother. Timothy spotted a black bear scampering up the banks of the river.

    Hilarious! Twenty ,or more, geese startled Elfrieda (and the rest of us) as they took off from the bank right beside us. That bugling alarm and the beating wings are a vastly superior sight and sound to that of a jet taking off from the airport. But, there is a similarity. And, then a beaver surfaced beside the canoe and escorted us for about 10 minutes, always staying a few meters ahead of us. I thought I heard the beaver mutter ” these canoeists are clearly out of their domain, I’ll show them where to go”.

    More geese. More deer. And, birds of every description.

    After a period of time Timothy said “Grandpa, that was quite a show, wasn’t it?” Yes, I said, “but, would you believe that some people want to build a dam and destroy all of this”?

    The answer came slowly “they wouldn’t, would they?”

  3. I spend many hours at the river in the summer and also in the winter. recently I have been able to photograph one of the most amazing animals that lives in the river. When I read all the studies that that hydro did not the fish and wild life in the area they neglected to do any studies on this beautiful creature. I am worried about habitat for her and her off spring. We have one to the most beautiful valleys and when I drive from hudson’s hope to fsj the veiw always amazes me. the valley changes so much with every season and I never get tired of the drive. I have lived all over bc and on the island and have not found such beauty in a single area as here.

  4. I lived in Chetwynd and Fort St John over a 4 year period during the mid to late 1980’s. Prior to that I had never been north of Prince George. The Peace River and it’s valley from the Peace Canyon Dam downstream to the Alberta border is a special place indeed. I have returned multiple times every year for one reason or another. Every trip I make it is sure to include the drive from Hudson’s Hope through to Fort St John. Observing the wildlife and people that call this area home makes me sad to think greed is going to change this place negatively, forever!
    We musn’t allow this site C project to happen.

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